Cold Heat

Stevenson Mukoro
Xlibris , English

Take six gruesome murders, one the former tutor to the wealthiest woman on the planet. Add a missing truck with a valuable secret. Stir in the activities of a mysterious crime lord who has made a fortune in various illegal endeavours and runs his operations with secrecy and ruthlessness. Jumble in the militsia and a nervous government agent prickling the sensitivities of a diabolical authority and we have a little red pill with the inscription: Back off or Die.

Susan Dax heads to Moscow in the wake of her murdered mentor. No sooner than she starts to investigate, she discovers that she too has become a target of unseen hands. Could it be from the Russian mafia, the two professional assassins or the clandestine security force?

Together with her trusted confidant and guardian, Seymour Krakauer, Susan Dax must navigate her way through old memories, blood and dead bodies to find answers. Would she be able to find the person behind the mask and get to the truth before she is summarily disposed of?

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