The Scoundrel…Clay Hayward is no gentleman. The riverboat captain has vowed never to return to the snake-infested rice fields of his evil father’s Savannah Plantation. But with the old man’s death looming, and his beloved sister in need of help, Clay finds himself back in Savannah and facing a noose. Accused of murder, he must trust his freedom to a southern belle whose whiskey-brown eyes and honeyed lips promise to heal his blackened soul.

The reluctant southern belle…Andrea Lansing adores her family and friends. She can’t imagine living without them until one frosty Savannah night a dance with a scoundrel turns her world upside down. Now, forced to choose between all she holds dear and the accused murderer who was once her childhood hero, she’ll wager her heart on a dream that may have never been and fight for a future filled with a Wayfarer’s Promise.

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