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Ethan Wilde, killer, con man, and deadly adversary returns home to make amends. No easy task considering the last time they met, he tried to murder Sierra Montgomery, and her lover Skinbone Harris.
Coming face to face with the man who once tried to kill her, memories come rushing back to haunt Sierra. She soon learns that it’s easier to forgive than forget. As each of the players in the deadly game known as Foxtrot struggle to come to terms with Ethan’s return, a close friend of Wally “The Shark” Marx turns up on their doorstep and all bets are off.
A teenage girl has vanished on Chicago’s Gold Coast. Skinbone and Shark investigate the obvious suspects while Sierra retraces the girl’s last steps. They lead her to an exclusive boutique on State Street, which Sierra quickly determines is a front for the Russian Mafia.
When Sierra goes missing, tension mounts and tempers flare. Skinbone races to find her while Shark and Ethan are forced to work together, a collaboration that ends in betrayal. The hunt to find the missing women heats up and a terrifying plot unfolds exposing Chicago’s underbelly and its dark inhabitants.
State of Panic introduced a cast of compelling characters. Taken continues their journey, pitting brother against brother, trust is tested, and new alliances are formed.

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