The Titans have made their move…

Jane Dotter has spent the last few months in Las Vegas trailing a man that may be in league with the Titans. He is a well-known mobster who controls more than half the drug trade in the city. She is joined by Lisa Mikoto, a fellow disciple she met on her previous journey. Her suspicions are confirmed when she has an encounter with the spawn. Jane and Lisa soon learn that Ryan Hunter is gathering their group back together in Vegas. Not only does Jane receive a new mission from her mother Freya, but she must also deal with her developing feelings for Ryan. When an encounter with an old enemy brings a new sense of urgency, Ryan decides to split the group up into three teams. Jane and Ryan embark on a mission to investigate a camp in the middle of the desert. Jane will soon not only have to confront her feelings for Ryan, but an impending catastrophe that will surely mean her death.

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