Augustus Berry lives a day-to-day existence comprised of waking up, getting drunk, and preparing for the inevitable day when “they” will come up the side of his mountain and penetrate his fortress. Living on the outskirts of a city and scavenging for whatever supplies remain since the demise of civilization, Gus knows that his next visit to undead suburbia could be his last.

Not only does he face a corpse-infested urban hell, human scavengers, and unending loneliness, but now a new mystery has risen…

The undead are disappearing from the streets.

A force is gathering, beyond the mountain man’s darkest nightmares, even more relentless and terrifying than the roaming tides of dead flesh.

And it’s preparing to hunt.

Contains graphic language and scenes of violence.

Complete series order:

Book 1: Mountain Man

Book 2: Safari

Book 3: Hellifax

Book 4: Well Fed

Also :

The Hospital (a single short story, also part of the collection
“Cauldron Gristle.” This story happens six months before the events of
“Mountain Man.” )

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