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Together now in a single volume, two novellas of EXTREME terror…

“Clear from the get-go that you’re in the hands of a master of suspense.”
—Lee Goldberg, author of THE WALK.

“Sure to keep you up late while it chills your blood.”
—Blake Crouch, author of RUN

“Cross Stephen King with Lee Child and you get Carson Wilder’s UNBORN.”
—Eric Christopherson, author of CRACK-UP

Psychic medium John Rock once had his own prime time television show.

Sometimes, the dead would speak to him.

The show was a huge hit, but the network wanted a performing seal.

John Rock refused to be one.

Now, some twenty years later, he walks the earth…

Sometimes, the dead speak to him.

Sometimes, they do more.

Much, much, more.

The most powerful, cunning, malevolent entity John Rock has ever encountered is out for revenge.

The entity is unfathomable.

The entity is unrelenting.

The entity is unafraid.

And, perhaps most terrifying of all…

The entity is UNBORN.

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