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Being unemployed, losing a job, and not having a lot of money are very hard things to deal with. It makes it even harder to bounce back when the economy is in a recession. The Recession Survival Guide is your key to not only getting through hard times, but also getting out of them while feeling better along the way.

There are key areas to focus on when dealing with hard times which this book covers in the following chapters:
1.The causes of hard times and how to prepare in the future
2.Getting rid of the negative emotions that make you feel awful
3.Identifying and correcting bad habits
4.Identifying and correcting bad financial habits
5.Wise ways to make your money last
6.Ideas for being self sustaining
7.Ways to make extra cash that you may not have thought about

Don’t suffer when you don’t have to, it’s in your control. The economy can be rough, but you can better your situation by getting and reading this book today!

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