Adult Romance with Sex in the series: Erotic Bedtime Quickies
A short story with steamy hot and sizzling sex!

Kim is a young pretty working girl. After college, she had started J.N.K. Productions a two-man film company with John her friend from her childhood as her full partner. Kim is invited to John’s costume party, and she meets a gorgeous man dressed like the devil. She is in paradise with the devil…:

“He pushed her wrists harder against the bricks, wordlessly enforcing that she was to keep them there, before he released them slowly. Obediently, Kim kept her hands exactly where he wanted them. He grinded his pelvis against hers while his hands pulled her breasts free of her dress and his thumbs made circles around her nipples. She was denying her own desire to touch him as his mouth pressed against her breasts, covering them in kisses. The cool night air was blowing gently against her saliva covered nipples. They were hard as buttons…”

Adult Romance Series with extremely sexual text elements may offend some readers.
Warning Explicit Content: Adults Only.

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