Do you hate your boring life? Do you wish that that tedium and dullness of the daily humdrum could be replaced by those fantastical things you’ve always dared not believe in? Be careful what you ask for, because once you cross over to that side of the fence where story becomes reality, there’s no going back to normal as you knew it.

This lesson is learned the hard way when a teenager’s hated boyhood tales of fantasy become harsh reality after he is abducted and turned into the first magical, biological, and mechanical hybrid. He is a Cyborg unequaled in potential, and those who took him will try to use him to destroy the Elves, Spiritans, Aliens, Vampires, Humans, and any other sentient race who coexist to enjoy the fleeting days of peace among the species. Unless he can learn to fight back as he builds a new unlikely family to aid in his effort, the world will be forced into a new era of death, war, and slavery. The blood of all creation will stain his metal hands forever.

Metal Deep is the premier novelette/novella series from the award winning author GX Knight. You will not want to miss a single episode. It’s a quick and easy read for those on the go. Make it part of your Kindle library today.

Adventure is coming. Are you ready?

Pick up where you leave off, and see what happens next in Book 2 of the Metal Deep series, Something Beautiful, the second part to Damsels in Distress. Then check out the further installments:

Book 3: Infinite and Forever
Book4: Soul on Fire
Book 5: Metal Wing

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