The first Cyborg will discover what he’s truly made of during a modern sect war that would see him turned into the evil he vows to fight when magic and technology collide and cut away at him in ways that are not just skin deep, it’s Metal Deep.

Scion Thantosa is the heir of ancient protectors called Infinites. He’ll choose his path in a fight that has endangered Human and Amalgams races: Rippers, Iclings, Spiritans, Robomancers, and Technopires to name a few. He is armed with a mean swing from shiny new Cyborg arms, destructive magic granted by ever-glowing Dragonstones, ill-timed smack talk, and an awesome green hairdo given by the two hottest Elves this side of the North Pole. Along the way, familial bonds form with the friends he makes during forays of hijinks, drama, humor, love, and loss. Scion and his seven closest friends become the New Infinites, the last line of defense against groups like Moonguard, Street Vipers, and Firebrand Elves. Success as the first surviving Cyborg is the key his foes need to resurrect an evil Dragon Spirit using his unique biotechnology. As long as Scion lives, the world is in danger. He’ll have to oblige the call to make the ultimate sacrifice. The question is, what will he do to his friends when they try and stop him?

The Metal Deep series explores “heroic shenanigans” of a family of powerful late-teens. It is a New Adult, Contemporary/Science-Fantasy series that is meant to be a fun tongue-in-cheek romp for those who don’t have time to enjoy longer epics.

The Ultimate Family is forming. Are you brave enough to test their METAL?

Episode 1: See where it all begins when a bored, regular joe gets tugged by his nuthairs into the fight of his life. He wasn’t ready. Are you?

Pick up where you leave off, and see what happens next in Book 2 of the Metal Deep series, Something Beautiful, the second part to Damsels in Distress. Then check out the further installments:

Book 3: Infinite and Forever
Book 4: Soul on Fire
Book 5: Metal Wing

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