Callum Gibson
Good Guy Publishing , English
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His name is Chuck. It’s a regular name for a regular guy, in his late twenties, living with his mother and working a job he hates.
Chuck could be any one of the guys you pass on the street, trudging towards work, their faces grey, their mouths hanging low.
His life changes when this Chuck meets Jyl, the girl of his dreams. His eyes twinkle, his back straightens and he’s just about as happy as a regular guy can be.
But there’s something not quite right about this Chuck. When life deals him a bum-hand, who could blame him for spending more and more time in his own company, enjoying his own fantasies? The trouble is his fantasies aren’t what they were. They’re getting darker and darker.
Jyl has no idea what’s going on in Chuck’s head, she has no clue about the urges that grow in his mind and strangle his heart. But she’s about to find out and going to wish she hadn’t.

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