From Carolyn McCray, the #1 Bestselling author in Men’s Adventure, Techno-thriller, Action Adventure & War, comes the #1 action packed, Near Future Adventure, MoonRush.

Praise for MoonRush“Buckle up! From the depths of the ocean to the reaches of outer space, this outrageously clever tale, auspiciously set in the year 2049, has an unlikely band of quirky memorable characters and a plot that will blow your mind!”Taylor Lee
Author, Big Girls Don’t Cry

“Great story full of action and non-stop adventure. The characters are fantastic and I found myself really rooting for Jarod and his crew as they faced one obstacle after another. A great plot with lots of fun twists and turns. Whether you like sci-fi, adventure, mystery or romance you’ll find it in this book. You will not be disappointed in this fabulously fun read!”
Holli Ritchie
Amazon Reviewer


It’s 2049 and it’s not gold the prospectors are looking for, it’s “Star Diamonds.” And these precious gems aren’t in California but up on the moon!

Join Jarod and his team of treasure hunters, Rogues Incorporated, as they dodge a nefarious competitor, crazed moon-panning prospectors, and even their own government for the ultimate “motherlode.”

More Praise for MoonRush

“This was a fast-paced adventure with entertaining characters and an engrossing plot. Reading Moonrush was like watching a great blockbuster summer movie except that I could enjoy it while on the beach. Won’t disappoint.”
BookLover 1960
Amazon Reviewer

“This book played out like an action packed adventure movie in my head. You know, an action packed adventure movie with a plot, and characters that you can really relate to, and care about. It’s filled with everything from science fiction to teenage angst, and nerd humor. All of
the elements of a great story are there, and that’s what makes it so much fun.”
Dude McMann
Amazon Reviewer

If you enjoyed Armageddon imagine it with Indiana Jones-style action and you’ve got MoonRush!

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