Surrounded by magical enemies with an intimate knowledge of her abilities, a matchmaking witch of the highest rank must fulfill both her duty to her coven and her desire for a love of her own, even if the two goals collide.Maeve Lovejoy has always been good at her job even though her services come at a high cost. Though her matchmaking abilities are stronger than ever, the most potent in any coven’s recorded history, her introduction to Aaron has confused matters. Believing she’s found a partner who can love her and allow her to continue practicing her arts, she shares her secrets with him. Is it a coincidence that soon after someone is locating and murdering Maeve’s matches? When Aaron disappears is it because he is a member of a rival black magic sect or has he become their victim?Second Edition: Newly Proofed and New Cover Art and DesignBooks Available by Natalie Gibson

The Sinnis Series, A Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy Series 
Ishtar Bound (book 1 of Sinnis)
Transit of Ishtar (book 2 of Sinnis)
Ishtar Anomaly (book 3 of Sinnis)
Ishtar Rising (book 4 of Sinnis)
Veil of Ishtar (book 5 of Sinnis)
(book 6 of Sinnis) - the final installment coming in early 2014

The Carrier Trilogy, A Gaslight Era Historical Horror / Paranormal Thriller / Dark Fantasy
Hateful Burden (First Installment of Carrier)
Wretched Blood (Second Installment of Carrier) coming fall 2013

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