The magical realm of Yiamergin; once a vibrant, colourful world of magic and mayhem, now a world destroyed by the tyranny and greed of another; Surrounded by the dark mists and the evil that has held them in its grip and at its mercy.
Over seventeen years later and the legacy is still strong; the world of witches and wizards still fractured, promises of the past left unbroken and secrets still held; Resentment left to fester in those holding the clues to a lost future, while the race against time to save their world begins.
When Gracie Smith, a young witch, finds a clue as to the whereabouts of The Orbital Sphere, a magical artefact imperative to the balance of life in Yiamergin, the web of lies begin to unravel and she is pulled headlong in to a chain of events that will change her life forever.
As her own unexpected gifts begin to emerge, she is drawn to a local young wizard, Sean and the feeling is mutual. However, he has another admirer, Rose, who is determined to stop the budding romance, at any cost.
As Gracie struggles with the angst of teenage emotions while also dealing with her impending gifts, she is drawn in to the past and must discover and unlock the hidden secrets in order for Yiamergin to survive. But as she delves deeper, she discovers a secret about her Grandmother, the highest Sorceress in the land; will she ever be able to forgive her?
Join Gracie, Rose, Sean, Elphis the dragon, Shelby the giant snail, Ich the fairy and many other new characters, in their fight to save the magical realm of Yiamergin.
This is the first book in ‘The Secrets of Yiamergin’ series. The bound book, The Mirror of Confusion and The Silver Urn are the other titles.

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