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Dalton Jackson , English

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Praise for Schooled:
“…I couldn’t put it down!”
Book Reviewer Archietross

“Jackson’s experiences in the modern American school system highlight the fundamental flaws within that system, and in doing so, reflect on many of the problems facing American society today.”
Book Reviewer Zebidee

“Some chapters had me laughing, others had my eyes welling up, others left me inspired to see what a difference a teacher can make in a kid’s life…”Book Reviewer Ryan
Immediately after graduating from college in 2006, Dalton Jackson took a job as a high school Biology teacher in Cramer county, located in the rural southern United States.  Over the course of the next two years, he shared his students’ triumphs, tragedies, joys, and frustrations.  He got a behind the scenes look into how school systems and teachers function as well as how they break.  He faced threats of violence and potential lawsuits.  As the pressure built and the runaway train of his brief teaching career began to derail, Dalton came to understand why the education system can’t seem to recruit new teachers and why many of the teachers in the existing system aren’t doing their jobs.
More praise for Schooled:
“So addicted.”Book Reviewer This BookOwnz

“Poignant and engaging read.”
Book Reviewer Daniel Wolfson

If you enjoy exposés like Jeremy Iversen’s High School Confidential or educator memoirs like Educating Esmé, you’ll love Schooled!

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