From basic gardening skills to building a log cabin, Kimberly Hartfield gives you a glance at living skills that may be needed in a crisis event, such as long term unemployment, natural disasters, war, etc. After living through Hurricane Katrina, and being virtually unemployed for several years, Kimberly believes it is necessary to be able to provide for our families, even when grocery stores are closed and access to needed items are not being provided by government intervention. Kimberly gives you a basic introduction to and overview of gardening skills, raising rabbits and chickens for meat and eggs, wild food and medicinal plant scavenging, what you might need in an emergency and even how to build an emergency shelter, or a log house if the need should arise. She has had to learn herself how to do many of these things, and would like to share with you what she has learned over the last few years. God has given her the knowledge to survive and as a Christian, she believes that God wants her to share that information with those who might need it at some point and doesn’t want to depend on the government to bail them out when that time comes. Now includes new info on soap making, and new garden info.

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