Immortal Storm (Shield of Night Book 1)

Heather Bserani
Brother Maynard Publishing , English

Bored with life on the horse farm, Dorianna Sahfi dreams of adventure, never realizing that an ancient evil hungers deep in the woods nearby. When tragedy strikes the farm, a mysterious stranger hires on to help pick up the pieces. Soon Dori finds herself falling for his gentle manner and remarkable green eyes. After a dreadful accident, Dori makes a choice that has far-reaching consequences and unknowingly initiates a chain of events that will devastate her entire family.

Now a monster is watching her from the footlights and she’s wanted for a murder she did not commit. She can’t go back. Her past is lost forever and the future holds unthinkable horror.

A terrible secret hidden in a tattered, old journal may be her only hope.

In a world where good is bad and bad is worse, who can she trust? Can she find a way to defeat an ancient vampire before he destroys her…and all she holds dear?

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