If All Men Cheat, All Women Should Too!

LaShonda DeVaughn
LSDV Productions , English
4 ratings

Imagine you’re a beautiful woman, body like a brick house, career driven, could cook like a Southern chef, clean like a veteran maid and sex your man like a porn star. Now imagine being in a relationship with a man who is unapologetically mentally and verbally abusive, disrespectful, AND cheats on you! That’s just a brief description of Janae’s relationship with Tae.

Tae was absolutely cocky, he no longer cared about hiding his cheating; he figured, if Janae hadn’t left him the first time she found out he was cheating, then she probably wouldn’t leave him the next…

Most people would dismiss a girl like Janae as stupid and naïve; someone who needed to wake up and realize that there were other men in this world and move on. But when a man has a mental hold on you, for some women, it’s not that easy.

Tae robbed Janae of her self-esteem. His constant put-downs and unfiltered disrespect became the norm for her. He frowned at her tears and did as he pleased. His actions forced Janae to compare herself to the women he cheated with and wonder why she wasn’t good enough. Eventually, trying to please Tae became her only purpose.

Being a faithful girlfriend was something Janae took pride in. Somehow, she allowed Tae to define her; she felt like she wasn’t whole without him. Finally, a series of events helped Janae discover her worth…

Still withering in the wings of her broken relationship, will Janae stay with Tae and believe that he can and will change? Or will she rebel and act upon the old adage, ‘if you can’t beat em’, join em’?

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