Four More Alphas who seize control.

This collection contains:

Executive Disgrace: Tied Up on the Billionaire’s Yacht

Lindsey has worked her whole life to attain a position at the top of the corporate world, so when she secures an interview with Leo Dewhurst, handsome billionaire and director of Dewhurst Industries, it feels like a dream come true — even if it is a little strange that he wants the meeting to take place onboard his private yacht, without anybody else around.
But once they leave shore, Lindsey soon discovers that the playboy has different ideas about what kind of job he’d like to offer her and when she disagrees he decides to tie her down so she can’t refuse — because now he’s making his final offer.

Dirty Cops: Gangbanged by the Captain’s Men

Jennifer De Le Cruz has dedicated her life to helping out the youngsters in her city, so she’s gotten to know the cops at the local precinct pretty well. It’s a give and take professional relationship.
But when a grade-A student gets arrested and Jennifer appeals to the handsome but stern police captain for his release, the officer stands firm. The only way he’ll budge is if Jennifer offers up something else for his men in exchange. Problem is, the only thing Jennifer has that they could possibly want is she herself. So does she really have what it takes to give herself over to all the captain’s men?

Ad Men: Claimed by the Sixties Executive

Jon Sugar is the most respected man on Madison Avenue and in Nineteen-Sixties’ New York, where the men drink hard, smoke constantly and attempt to sleep with every woman they lay eyes on, that’s really saying something!

When Suzie Armstrong, innocent catholic girl from Brooklyn, begins her first day as Jon Sugar’s new secretary at Harlan Fisher Advertising Agency she expects to enter a professional, well-behaved workplace. But when she witnesses the debauchery and hedonism that goes on at the office daily, she realizes that the world around her is definitely changing. The swinging sixties have begun and when Jon Sugar asks her to stay late at the office that night to share a drink, she knows that things may never be the same again - and that a drink is likely to be only the beginning.

Hung Judge: Sin in the Southern Courtroom

New York lawyer Clara Silverman moved to Texas to elope with her new man, but now that relationship is over and she’s embroiled in a high-publicity lawsuit with a corrupt oil magnate and his company. No wonder she doesn’t have time to tend to her sexual needs.
But when her case comes up before Judge Moses McKennedy, a fiercely-conservative giant of a man, she feels something spicy rekindle inside of herself. And when the Judge orders her to stay behind after court that day for some harsh words, she wonders if she has what it takes to resist his domineering southern personality — before it’s too late and he makes her his own.

Warning this collection contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature, including oral, anal, light BDSM, double penetration and spanking, and is therefore strictly for adults only!

23,000 words

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