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** “Best Book on the Subject” Mark Adams Editor of Live Loud Magazine

** “The amount of information in this book is phenomenal! Great instructions for Men. If you want to get better in the sack… you can’t get passed this book!” John Ngyun

As a life coach I have helped many of my customers overcoming PE and become better lovers.The main goal of this 89 pages book is to help you create substantial change and making you last longer within a week of using the methodology taught in the book.

If you are like many of my clients and readers, you have probably tried many methods which have failed you each time. Many of my clients have spent thousands of dollars, for pills, potions and cures or other junk that just didn’t work. So starting to see results after a week, seems like a bold claim.

Skeptical? Well believe it or no skepticism is a positive trait and I welcome it. As without it you would be missing an key to critical thinking – a goal of education and evolution. The term skeptic is derived from the Greek skeptikos, meaning “to inquire” or “look around.” Skeptics requires additional evidence before accepting someone’s claims as true. They are willing to challenge the status quo with open-minded, deep questioning of authority.
I hope that once you start reading what this book teaches, it will make perfect sense.

Most readers say that they cannot believe the difference, sex life has exploded into a whole new ball game. Not only they are ecstatic but their partner is too.

Throughout this digital book, you will discover:

  1. Tips on lasting longer, control your ejaculation during sex and become a better lover

  2. Why many strategies used by people, like thinking about something disgusting or boring during sex is the worst thing you could do…

  3. 50+ Proven strategies that have helped thousands of men gain control over their Ejaculation and improve their love making process.

  4. Incredible Tao and Tantric Sex Sex strategies and Love Making Secrets that will greatly improve your sexual skills!

  5. Which Sex Positions will result in an increase in pleasure and make you last longer.

  6. A simple 3 step process to gain control over your arousal and prolong it and delay ejaculation

  7. Why orgasm and ejaculation are two different sexual events

  8. Tips your woman can use to increase her pleasure so that this book becomes just as much fun for her as it will for you!

  9. and much, much more

As most individuals are ‘Visual’, this Book Contains many Illustrations to aid with your learning process.


This book does not have superfluous information but it goes direct to the point, (that is why I kept it at 91 pages) as when it comes to sex or love making I have found that both my clients and my readers don’t want the fluffy stuff, but just proven strategies they can use straight away even tonight!


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