With hundreds of fun facts and trivia items found inside, 700 Things You May Not Know About The Dallas Cowboys is a great read for anyone who is a fan of the team. Covered inside are fun facts and little known information about the franchise, their Super Bowls teams, significant moments in team history, and more. There is also a section that features at least five fun facts each about more than 75 different Cowboys players and coaches. This includes names like Tom Landry, Troy Aikman, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Bradie James, Darren Woodson, Barry Switzer, Danny White, Charlie Waters, Doug Cosbie, Jimmy Johnson, D.D. Lewis, Robert Newhouse, Emmitt Smith, and Eddie LeBaron too. Plenty of fun facts about Cowboys players from long ago as well as current players are included.

Nearly any Cowboys fan would love owning 700 Things You May Not Know About The Dallas Cowboys. It is perfect for leisure reading time, to use when putting together a football watching party, impressing friends, proving who the bigger fan is to a sibling, and even winning a bet or two.

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most treasured franchises in National Football League history. They have had some great players, played in some great games, and been a part of some of the most significant moments the league has ever seen. Much of that can be explored while reading 700 Things You May Not Know About The Dallas Cowboys.

Find out stuff like:

-The Cowboys were the first NFL team ever to feature the league leading rusher and receiver in the same season. Who were they?

-When the Cowboys went 1-15 in 1989, who was the starting quarterback during their one victory?

-Did the Cowboys win or lose their the first game they ever played in brand new Cowboys Stadium?

-What three Cowboys quarterbacks threw touchdown passes to Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett?

-Who was the first opposing running back ever to have a 100 yard game against the Cowboys?

…and so much more!

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