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A collection of short stories and bagatelles penned over the last twenty-odd years. Themes include art, love, sex, relationships, growing up, opera, drooling, baseball, and more. Typical fiction fare. Some have been published in magazines literary and general-interest (The Satire Quarterly, Spindrifter, Grand), others in ezines defunct or still going strong (Typo, Pogonip, G21, The Yardbird Reader, Time Goes By, Eclectica). One was printed on coffee cans in Portland, Oregon. A few are excerpts from unpublished novels. One is a comic playlet performed scores of times on dozens of stages.

Click the cover to look inside the book. You can access the first few stories.

January 6, 2014: The Huffington Post publishes an excerpt from the collection: A Woman of Many Containers


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