This book was written in 1915 by Harold Macgrath after the film by the name “The Million Dollar Mystery.” The film was released in the summer of 1914.
Because of the enormous interest of movie goers and the many requests by mystery fiction book readers to read the story, this book was written.
This was a very popular and profitable film at the time. It was a serial in twenty three chapters instead of a full feature production. The plot, involves a sinister organization called the Black Hundred; their headquarters based in Russia,and their relentless hostilities toward a man they hunted by the name of Hargreave.
The story relates, that some years earlier, Hargreave, which was a member of the Black Hundred organization at that time, disappeared, taking with him several million dollars.
After many years, he is finally discovered by Braine; the leader of the Black Hundred in America and after Hargreave realizes it, withdraws from the bank one million dollars in cash and hides it in a place that is not disclosed.
From this point on, Hargreaves, his daughter and his butler, experience dangerous situations as the notorious organization tries to get their hands on the one million dollars that Hargreave hid.
During the showing of the serial in the movie theaters which consisted of 23 chapters, the final chapter was not filmed. To promote the film, the studio offered $10,000 to the person that offered the best ending for the final chapter in 100 words or less. The best entry was chosen and the twenty third chapter was filmed.
The thousands of individuals that submitted ideas, had to wait to see the end of the film to find out if they had won.
The $10,000 offered, caused a furor throughout the country and afterward, this book was written.
This is one of those classic mystery stories you won’t want to put down after you start reading it but the active table of contents makes it convenient for you to start again where you left off.
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