The Will Of America (“2”)

CS Bennett
Golden Ram Publishing , English
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This is the long awaited action-packed sequel to its forerunner the Will of America - American Spartans.
A recent flare-up of hostilities between Israel and Iran threatens to bring the world to the brink of WWIII. As a precaution, the United Nations requests that a spy ship be sent to the troubled region under the UN Flag to conduct highly classified surveillance and intelligence gathering. When the American ship and its crew are targeted for a relentless and unprovoked attack by numerous unmarked gunboats and aircraft from an unknown country, aircraft from the United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps operating in the East Mediterranean Sea are ordered into action. Three unique and gifted fighter pilots are among the elite corps of military aviators responding to the frantic SOS. All three share something in common with the captain of the embattled ship they are sent to rescue.
However, in mid-stride, the United Nations pressures the US State Department and the Pentagon into recalling the strike force due to political considerations and diplomatic sensitivities. Will the three pilots, now conflicted about leaving an American navy vessel in harm’s way, obey a direct abort order or go on to help out fellow combatants in dire distress? As this event promises to turn into an international crisis, the threat is closer to home as American Special Forces units frantically search for terrorists and elements of al Qaeda in South and Central America before they can carry out their planned 4th of July Dooms Day attack. Their aim: to use the destructive force of nuclear weapons to unleash two of the most powerful forces nature have ever visited upon mankind; a tsunami of biblical proportions and a catastrophic super-volcano. Their goal: to bring down the United States and all of Western civilization as we know it.
With the nation and the world on the brink of WWIII, will three of its elite top gun fighter pilots miss out on defending America when they are needed the most? Or will they face being court-martial? The answers lie within the suspense-filled, action packed pages of this riveting novel; a novel our government hopes remains just that…a novel.

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