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From flaming cakes from the Capitol and fire-roasted rabbit, this Hunger Games Cookbook and Survival guide teaches readers how to not only cook their own feast — whether it is a meal of Greasy Sae’s tree bark, mincemeat and pig entrails soup, or be it the delectable lamb stew with dried plums. In addition to over forty recipes, cooking and baking techniques, this guide gives in-depth survival instruction for anyone who might find themselves lost and wandering in a forest without water — exploring tips on how to survive the wilderness by purifying liquid, making a fishing pole out of line and a stick, and simple burn treatment (in case you get hit by one of those flying fireballs!).

Of course, not to be left out are a few of Haymitch’s secret recipes for homemade whiskey and District 12 Moonshine.

Welcome to the Unoffical Hunger Games Guide to Cooking and Survival…enjoy the food.

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