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If any sociopolitical environment’s own foundations are misunderstood, its goals and purpose unclear, or its contemporary reality debatable, it inevitably, systemically suffers. This is the current state of affairs in most Western states, and its origin can largely be sourced in the three aforementioned areas of failure: dialogue, education, and toleration.

These three facets of the political world, too often ignored, vary in strength and meaning amongst different forms and instantiations of political society, but modern democracies, especially those who wish to seek equality and equitability, must hold this triumvirate in high regard. This text is a careful and succinct, but detailed, exegesis of four important theorists and philosophers with relevant works on this subject: David Bohm’s “On Dialogue,” John Dewey’s “The public and its problems,” Jürgen Habermas’ “Toward a Rational Society: Student Protest, Science, and Politics,” and Michael Walzer’s “On Toleration.”

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