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Theodore is on the run. A vampire hunter has been chasing him, out for his demonic blood. While Theodore is camping out in an abandoned barn, the hunter catches him by surprise. Desperate for escape, Theodore does the only thing he can think of to save his flesh: he seduces the vampire hunter. But will it be enough?

Warning: this 3115 word story contains explicit descriptions of steamy gay vampire oral and anal sex, as the vampire tries to save his skin by seducing his hunter. For mature readers only.


As Gerard finished unbuttoning and unzipping himself, Theodore rose up onto his knees so that his face was level with the hunter’s hips. He grabbed Gerard’s hands and pushed them away before the hunter could push his pants down. Theodore leaned forward. He bit the fabric over Gerard’s cock and held it in his teeth without nipping the hard shaft beneath it. He pulled down with his mouth, slowly revealing Gerard’s hard dick. It strained, trying to pop out of the fabric.

Gerard reached toward his cock, obviously eager to set it free. Theodore reached up and stopped him.

When about half of his cock had been revealed, Theodore stopped pulling. He put his tongue out and slowly ran it along the top of Gerard’s erection. It felt so warm against his tongue. Gerard sucked in a breath as he watched.

“Put it in your mouth, you monster,” the hunter said.

Theodore reached up and grabbed Gerard’s pants. He drew them down slowly, until finally the hunter’s cock, thick and hard, stood straight out from his body. The flesh of the head of his cock was so taut that it practically shone in the moonlight. With one hand, Theodore reached up and grabbed the long shaft. Looking up into Gerard’s eyes, he slowly stroked it up and down in his tight grip.

“Yeah, just like that…” Gerard said, his mouth hanging open a little and his eyes almost shut.

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