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Will Lick Pussy

In tough times, some people work for food, and for a job others will lick pussy for a job — even women.

The job interviewer looks at a picture of the next applicant, Shelly, and wets her vagina. Such a hot young woman. Impossible of course. But Shelly needs the job. She announces she will do anything. Anything. Even dominate and orally pleasure the interviewer, giving her the orgasm of her life.

The interviewer comes only when Shelly commands her.

Needless to say, the lesbian boss gives Shelly the job.

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Because you want to join the job interviewer as an incredibly beautiful younger woman dominates her, giving her erotic girl on girl lesbian oral sex.

Will Lick Pussy is a 2,100 word short story.
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Warning: Sexual content: Lesbian. Oral. 18 and older only!

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