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In a land where magic is said to have died in the Old World in a final climactic battle during the End Wars, where sorcery is the stuff of legend three young thieves discover the contrary. Magic is alive, the black market abounds with relics of power from an ancient time and there are plenty of people within the city-state of Amishval who will do just about anything to rediscover the secrets left of that earlier age.

A young thief, believing a dream he has of a purse that looks like a tiny dragon filled with a hand full of gold coins to be a premonition, involves his small crew in a risky venture into the Silks Market to pick the pocket of a wealthy merchant. But will the lie he tells one of his crew be worth the score? Will the voice of a dragon that invades his mind signal that his luck has finally run out?

The dream proves to be reality and the crew, although split up in the process, come away with a purse that has a gold stitched dragon full of gold coins – and a little something else. In an effort to reunite they find themselves beset on all sides by different groups who want what the purse contains.

So begins a single day that will change the lives of three young thieves, barely more than beggars, thrusting them into the underbelly of a complex city where there are men with truth potions, Bone Pickers who summon demons, a Thieves Guild led by a Master bent on eternal life and a guard leader with a sixth sense.

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