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Everybody wants to start over sometime and the characters from Six Short Tales: New Beginnings are no different. From a murderous female flautist to an overwrought fiction writer and an unfaithful young wife, each protagonist has reached the point where something’s gotta give…

Six distinct characters risk everything to start over:

One: La Flautista Bandita - Esperanza can’t bear repeating mistakes. Tomorrow is going to be different.

Two: Lost Horizon - A struggling fiction writer puts himself into his work—and it pays.

Three: Regret Me Not - Katherine Kramer finally takes a leap of faith.

Four: Extinction - An aging trooper tracks a new endangered species along Highway Twenty-Nine.

Five: Homeward Bound - An abused young wife battles her fears in crossing the Chickahominy River Bridge.

Six: My Mother’s Daughter - A woman discovers she’s more like her estranged mom than she’s imagined.

Credits: “La Flautista Bandita” first appeared in Calliope, official publication of American Mensa Ltd. (Summer 2010). “Lost Horizon” previously published in Inkburns Interactive Literary Journal (December 2002). Edited by Martha Trachtenberg. Cover Image by Dar Albert.

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