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A neo-noir pulp thriller — short, violent, dirty and cheap. Tim Holt is a battle-scarred vet, now a soldier of fortune working the darker byways of Latin America in 1954. When a job in Guatemala goes way wrong he’s thrown together with a beautiful young woman who, like him, is bent on revenge — but the cost of it is going to be higher than either of them could possibly imagine.

“A seriously done and well done pulp novel — it’s a good read.” — Charles Ardai, founder and editor of Hard Case Crime

Included is a preview of the second Tim Holt adventure, Blowing Cool, due out this fall.

Lloyd Fonvielle is a screenwriter (The Mummy, 1999), director (Gotham, 1988) and author — of the Western novella Missouri Green and Fourteen Western Stories, both available in the Kindle Store. Fourteen Western Stories is also available from Amazon in a paperback edition. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and plays some poker there from time to time. He publishes an online journal of visual culture at mardecortesbaja.com.

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