Amazon Bestselling Author and Pro Gambling Champ John P Morrison Sports Betting Series Betting on Basketball NBA Playbook

Learn how to bet on NBA basketball and win from a sharp bettor, a must read for anyone looking place NBA bets in 2012 and beyond.

You’ll learn
Basketball betting lingo
The essentials of NBA Gambling
How to read basketball betting lines
NBA betting odds
NBA future betting
Tips with middling and hedging your bets.
Regular season playoff and NBA Finals wagering.
And get answers to the most frequently asked questions from sports bettors around the web

Bonus chapters include a look at the 2007 NBA betting scandal, who was involved and how it has affected the league.

The 2011 NBA lockout, what happened, and more importantly discuss the pros and cons of the shortened season. Essentials including betting patterns, things to watch for, and the impact the tight schedule has had on teams, players and most importantly sports handicapping.

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