The Haunting of Daniel Devereaux

R. L. Whittaker
Purple Peacock Publishing.com , English
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Cover Tag Line: “A Supernatural Romance Of Lost Love, Murder, and Reincarnation”

In 1882 Victorian England handsome and wealthy young portrait artist Daniel Devereaux is haunted by recurring dreams of a beautiful girl he has never met. She becomes a secret obsession that consumes his life as he futilely attempts to capture her elusive image on canvas.

An unexpected inheritance of an eerie Yorkshire manor house called Darkmoor Hall will hold the answers to Daniel’s disturbing visions. He and his best friend, Ned Fairchilde, will soon find themselves enmeshed in a frightening and dangerous web of mystery, murder, and dark family history as they confront a malevolent supernatural presence intent on destroying Daniel in an effort to keep its ancient secrets buried and forgotten.

THE HAUNTING OF DANIEL DEVEREAUX is rated R for Violence, Adult Content, and Mild Language No erotica

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