From before the Dawn of Man, good and evil have battled on the Earth. As humans progressed from Eden to the skies and to space, Azrael watched over humanity — teaching, guiding, and protecting the Children of Earth.

The Enemy, imprisoned on Earth for their rebellion, carry out the Master’s plan to end their bondage and take the war to a new front — a pristine ‘cradle’ world where suffering and war are not known. Using the Emperor of Earth and the resources of his vast empire to build mankind’s first starship, the Enemy weaves a plot that spans generations, and threatens two sentient races.

In Book One, Azrael enlists Father Bożydar Jofre, a Jesuit priest, and Kavan Ferre, a brilliant physicist, to prevent the Enemy from escaping to the stars. Joined by an unlikely group of space pirates, Azrael leads an epic race across the solar system to halt the Enemy before their great migration can begin.

THE WATCHERS OF UR: CRADLE will take you from Earth to Mars, Europa, Titan, and beyond on an epic journey filled with fast-paced action, gripping human drama, and stunning glimpses of the future of Mankind.


From political intrigue to divine intervention; from a monastery on Mars to a city locked under the ice on Europa; from the Emperor of Earth to a space-pirate that fights for freedom; from religious axioms that have stood the test of time to cutting-edge theories that test the very fabric of reality, this is science fiction on a truly titanic scale. Fowler blends epic military sci-fi with inspired Christian philosophy, and sets his bold story over the colossal backdrop of the Angelic Wars. What would it mean if angels and demons influenced humanity’s rise to the stars and beyond? The Watchers Of Ur: Cradle explores some captivating possibilities.

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