She was forced to make a new start, but can Maggie handle a new life, new friendships … and a new love?

Maggie Locke thinks her life is almost perfect. Living and working on her treasured horse ranch nestled deep in the Montana countryside, she couldn’t be happier. But in the blink of an eye, Maggie is hit with a devastating blow that challenges her faith, threatens her home, and changes her life forever. Suddenly, Maggie’s “perfect life” is shattered.

Facing the huge challenge of running a ranch on her own, Maggie can only throw herself into her work. At first, the antics of her newborn foal are all that can bring a smile back to Maggie’s face. But slowly, she delves deeper into new and old friendships that help her overcome the grief that nearly smothered her spirit. Still, the healing has just begun. And as winter approaches, Maggie discovers another challenge: a decision that will forever change her life—again. When two men start vying for her heart, Maggie must decide if she’s already had—and lost—the love of her life, or if it’s yet to be.

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