Explore the Havamal - “Tao” of the Vikings

The Orient has long shared its ancient wisdom, and so now do the Northmen.

Northern Wisdom presents ancient Viking parables and knowledge in a delightfully accessible modern format.

Combining Teachings on par with Buddha, Sun-Tzu, Myamoto Musashi, Nicollo Machiavelli & Lao Tzu, The Havamal sheds light on forgotten lore of the dark ages.

In the days of the shield-wall, there yet lived poets, scribes and philosophers.

In Northern Wisdom you will:

* Journey through the Mundane and the Mystical passages of the Havamal
* Discover the famed Hospitality of the Northmen
* Learn Maxims for respectable conduct
* Develop the Leadership traits of Heroes
* Explore tips for safe travel in Dark Ages Europe
* Uncover lessons for the bravest Warriors
* Share in the secrets of Odin’s Love Quests
* Tap into the power of Viking Magic

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