Terrance (The Severing)

D.J. Manly
Silver Publishing , English
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Something wakes Terrance in the middle of the night, a voice that won’t let him sleep. Alex, his lover, has accepted that Terrance can talk to the dead, but this time it’s different; this time the voice is dead… dead serious. This time, the voice won’t be denied.

Terrance has been talking to the dead ever since he was a boy. The dead find Terrance when they have something to tell him, and now, something or someone is reaching out. But something else doesn’t want Terrance to connect. It will torment him with images from his own past and try to distract him, even kill to keep Terrance from knowing the truth.

In The Severing, Billy’s ghost found Terrance and brought Alex into his life. In book two, Billy is gone, and Terrance will have to find himself.

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