Make of this what you will but this book WAS indeed written by a housefly. So claims the editor who admits to seeing the fly hopping around on his keyboard moments before he killed it …only to find the contents of this book that had supposedly been written by the fly over the course of a week or so.

Rather we are dealing with some strange, extraordinary or supernatural phenomenon, a deluded mind, a lucid dreamer who sleep walks, a hoax, or an actual fly who managed to find a way to communicate with an exposed computer printed circuit board as he …or IT claims …we don’t know at this juncture. But at any rate it makes for an intriguing and fascinating ride as the author (whoever or whatever it is) describes the events leading up to it’s death the day it was smashed to death on the editors desk.

This entity claims to have total recall of past experiences, historical events and occurrences and has had the vantage point of being that proverbial fly on the wall when important as well as ordinary but usually private things happen.

If nothing else, it is a good read and gives us food for thought. Rather or not we take the “diary” seriously or not …it is undeniable that the author …makes us think and reflect upon some important life issues …all at the same time that he/it makes us laugh at the absurdity of it all. It’s a quick read but will leave you pondering for days, weeks …months …or years later.

(There is a riddle on the very last page for those able to figure it out and interpret it’s meaning.)

All I can say is …this is a MUST READ!

A police investigation turned up no explanation as to how these words could have mysteriously appeared on the computer. There were no signs of forced entry, security cameras revealed that no other persons had entered the apartment and the editor, a quite credible witness and a MENSA member has passed every lie detector test and he was given several.

What is most astounding is that the writings describe events in vivid detail that nobody could have witnessed …other than the annoying pesty fly that the publisher had seen flittering across the apartment for a few days.

At any rate …rather you believe these controversial and incredulous claims or see it as a hoax, this book is an incredible read. It gives us a fly’s eye view of life from a being who claims to be a fly that has been reincarnated multiple times in various life forms but this time has total recall of every life it’s ever lived.

He/she or IT discusses things such as the meaning of life; responsibility; life; death; relationships; sex; parenting; historical events etc from the perspective of it’s supposed accumulated wisdom over the centuries.

At times it is quite soul searching and meaningful and will give us food for thought for years to come. It’s also quite entertaining as we delve into the mind of a writer with quite an imagination …one who challenges us to believe or accept things that fly completely against everything we’ve ever believed …yet in some ways makes perfect sense. Decide for yourself what you believe. At any rate, you’ll never regret reading this book which is one of the most original concepts I’ve ever seen.

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