SEX WITH MY BROTHER SERIES - 4 erotica stories totaling 20,000 words, jam packed with hot, hardcore taboo stepbrother and stepsister sex including oral sex, anal sex, group sex, masturbation, spanking, domination, humiliation and ALL stories are all based on real life happenings! If you love sex and love family and love a good value - this series is perfect for you! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters in it are represented as 18 or older.

BOOK 1. SEX LESSON FROM MY BIG BROTHER - Steph’s boyfriend Steve is fed up with her not wanting to sleep with him, and tells her he can’t wait any longer. Steph doesn’t know what to do – she wants Steve, is attracted to him, but isn’t very experienced sexually. Steve tells Steph he is going away for the weekend, and when he returns, he hopes she’ll be ready to have some sexy fun with him. Not knowing what to do, Steph turns to her slightly older and more experienced brother Jason for advice. Jason has her come to his apartment, and soon she’s getting a lot more than advice – Jason begins giving her hands-on lessons on everything sex. From oral to positions to styles and attitudes, Jason is the best teacher Steph never knew she needed!

BOOK 2. LEARNING ANAL FROM MY BIG BROTHER - Steph and her boyfriend Steve are having a great relationship, and their sex life has never been better, but Steve then wants to spice things up by doing anal, something Steph has never done! So she turns to her big stepbrother Jason to ask him advice on how to do it, and rather than tell her, he decides to show her. Giving her some very valuable and detailed lessons, Jason shows Steph the ropes, and makes sure she is very good at anal. But he doesn’t just want to show her how to take it in the ass, he wants to show her what it’s like to be the guy who gives it in the ass too, and soon Steph and Jason embark on a wild sexual adventure that leaves her feeling confident she’ll be able to make her boyfriend happy and her big stepbrother proud.

BOOK 3. DOMINATED BY MY BIG BROTHER - Steph’s boyfriend has been pretty rough in bed with her lately, and when she tells her big stepbrother Jason about this, Jason realizes that Steve, her boyfriend, must love to be dominated. But Steph doesn’t know the first thing about domination. Lucky for her, Jason does, and after going to the adult store to pick up a few things, from sex toys to mouth gags to so much more, Steph is in store for the lesson of her life. But as Jason begins to dominate Steph in all sorts of ways, she gets a hang of it, and begins liking it more than she thought, wanting her big brother to be the powerful man he is proving he is to her. Her boyfriend momentarily out of her mind, Jason becomes the dominant male in Steph’s life as he overtakes her and shows her the true meaning of the word “rough”!

BOOK 4. ORGY WITH MY BIG BROTHER - Since Steph’s big stepbrother Jason has been so helpful, giving her advice and teaching her how to fuck and suck her boyfriend properly, with hands on lessons that have had satisfying results, Steph wants to reward him by inviting some friends over for a orgy! Steph tells her sexy girlfriends Nicole, Roxanne, and Tina about the plan, which they’re on board with. Things begin to get a bit out of hand when Steph arrives late to find Jason and Nicole already getting it on, and tries to settle things down a bit, but once Roxanne and Tina arrive all hell breaks loose and the women unleash their desires on Jason. Steph can’t help but get caught up in the sexy situation and joins in, giving Jason the best reward any stepbrother could ask for.

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