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Coventry Driving Test Centre at Bayton Road is officially one of the hardest test centres at which to pass your driving test in the UK.

According to figures published by the Driving Standards Agency for 2011/12 there were a total of 7741 driving tests attempted in Coventry. Of those only 2930 were successful giving a pass rate of just 37.9%. To put it another way: Of the 319 driving test centres around the UK, Coventry came in at 304th.

The following year, although the pass rate rose to 38.9% the overall placement dropped to 305th in the UK!

So what makes Coventry such a difficult place to pass your driving test?

My name is Phill Godridge and I’ve been teaching people to drive in Coventry since 1996. Over the past few years, I’ve been keeping a record of not only what candidates are failing for, but where they are failing. My statistics would seem to suggest that there is a large proportion of serious faults committed at just a few difficult junctions in the area. Those areas are covered in this book.

This book is not intended as a catch-all or a magic wand, but if you’ve been having trouble with ‘The Ricoh’ or the M6 roundabout then this book is for you. No less than 23 official test routes are retraced and explained, with the notoriously difficult junctions getting their own chapters!

- The Ricoh Roundabout
- The M6 Roundabout
- The Griff Roundabout
- The Ribbon Roundabout
- Heath Road Double Mini Roundabout
- and many more…

I’m afraid I still can’t guarantee that you will pass your driving test simply by reading this book… BUT… it’s definitely going to help.

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