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Praise for Fergus and Me

“Excellent read; funny, real to life and reflects growing up in Liverpool very well.” - Amanda Williams

“I enjoyed this book very much and would recommend it to friends.” - Norma Busby

“I really enjoyed the book and it left me wanting to hear more.” – Mezzie

“A great book of memories on growing up and how our school years influence and form us.” – Ms Judy D

The emotive story of two young boys growing up in Liverpool in the sixties, this book will make you laugh, cry and even wince as it immerses you in the harrowing detail of what life was really like in post-war Britain.

Surviving in a tough urban school meant not only understanding how to deal with the kids who were out to prove themselves, but also learning to handle those teachers who seemed hell-bent on breaking the human spirit with their oppressive discipline.

This book traces the rites of passage, from boyhood to young man, of two friends who stick together, through thick and thin, learning how to fend for themselves under a ruthless and unjust regime.

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