I realised from an early age that I was always in the shit;
It’s just the depth that varied!
This story is part fiction, part biographical, giving an insight into my first fourteen years growing up in a tough mining town in South Yorkshire during the 60’s. The story chronicles the adventures and escapades that my fellow gang members and I experienced along the way, ranging from scrumping apples at Granny Fart’s, to ferreting with my pet Obadiah, an ‘extreme weasel’.
Implicitly believing everything anyone told me created more problems than solutions.
Eccentric relations add spice to the proceedings, highlighting real-life concerns such as bullying, prejudice, schizophrenia and alcohol abuse, to name but a few!
Seen through the eyes of an innocent yet street-wise child, it compares today’s issues and dilemmas with those of yester year. The journey is full of mishaps and mayhem, depicting a child’s viewpoint of life.
This voyage of self-discovery is sometimes painful, yet always tinged with humour.
I now believe that the key to living successfully, is to be able to laugh at yourself when the odds are stacked against you.

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