Sex & Skateboards

Ashley Bartlett
Bold Strokes Books , English
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Sex and skateboards and surfing on the California coast. What more could anyone want?

Alden McKenna has spent her entire life not growing up. Being an adult is tedious, not to mention totally boring. And requires less skateboarding. So why bother? Moving to a small beach town seems like an awesome idea. The skateboarding is good, the sun is always shining, and no one moves very fast. She even meets a hot chick like five minutes after moving there. Life is good. Except young Weston Duvall has already grown up and her reasons for doing so surprise Alden even more because she didn’t see them coming. Weston can’t trust Alden, and Alden isn’t sure she wants to be trusted. So why can’t they seem to stay away from each other?

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