From the Author: <br /><br />My name's Evangeline, and I guess you could say that bad things happen when I'm around.  Deadly bad things.  I try really hard to be good (most of the time), but like any accidental villain, I don't always know how.<br /><br />I've been called more than a few names - grouch, misfit, wicked - names that no one wants to be called.<br /><br />Except, in my case, all of them just may be true. <br /><br />Something dark is following Evangeline Johnson.  What begins as an innocent search for answers gradually grows into an obsession, one that leaves her slightly scarred and more than slightly antisocial.  Unsuccessful at hiding from the bizarre and deadly accidents that befall those unfortunate enough to cross her path, she ultimately finds herself lured onto a haunting adventure - from which there's no turning back. <br /><br />Welcome to a dark world where reality and fantasy violently collide, and nothing ever comes without a price<br /><br />*This is the first book of an urban fantasy trilogy for grown-ups tired of perusing the YA section in search of paranormal books with both humor and heart.  Beloved Evangeline is written in a neo-gothic style and is written specifically for adult readers.  <br /><br />The sequel, Ever Evangeline, is now available, and the final installment, The Girl Who Was Evangeline, is coming in 2014.
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