Editorial reviews:

“There is something strange about Evangeline.. .

I loved Evangeline’s voice in this story – often snarky and darkly humorous, her strange quirks come across as real and sometimes heart-breaking… This story does a wonderful job of introducing Evangeline and has whet my appetite for further adventures.” - Night Owl Paranormal (4 stars)

“… a heroine as potentially super-cool as Buffy… this promises to be a solid and entertaining series, based on a very enjoyable first installment.” - The Future Fire Reviews

From the Author:

Being a misfit isn’t an easy gig, no matter what anyone tells you. Just being different or “true to yourself” doesn’t give you a pass to be weird - or inadvertently evil. Trust me on this.

I’ll just come right out and say it: Folks tend to disappear when I’m around. Or go insane. Or just die. I can’t help it. I (usually) do my best to be good, but like any accidental villain, I don’t always know how.

I’ve been called more than a few names - grouch, misfit, wicked, criminal - names that no one wants to be called.

Except in my case, all of them are probably true.

I fantasize about living as a hermit and giving up all the painful pretending to be normal, but unfortunately for the working class chumps, even misfits have bills to pay. So I must continue to walk among you, doing what I must to keep the evil at bay.

Evangeline Johnson is hiding a dark secret, a secret that has ripped and torn apart everyone she’s ever cared about. But an unlikely visitor lures her out of hiding and onto an adventure strategically designed to uncover who - and what - she really is. Nothing will ever be the same.

If she lives.

Welcome to a dark world where reality and fantasy violently collide, and nothing ever comes without a price.

The Broken Heroine is new adult fantasy for those tired of waiting for the girl to be the complex, interesting character. Evangeline is an unlikely, not fully formed heroine, and possibly the most dangerous one of all.

The sequel, Ever Evangeline, is now available, and the final installment, The Girl Who Was Evangeline, is coming in 2014.

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