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The Best Of Debutopia (2011 Edition) represents a year’s worth of sociopolitical musings, told from an interesting angle or with a fun twist. If you enjoy current events and don’t mind talking about sex, religion, and politics, then you’ll love reading what Debutopia has to say. The book is set up so that it starts off innocently enough, but it gets progressively more … well, progressive. Even conservatives will enjoy the first half. If you’re an ultra conservative, please quit reading as soon as you feel the hackles rising on the back of your neck. You’ll know when to stop. If you’re a progressive thinker, Debutopia will resonate with you like nothing else you’ve ever read and you’ll be happy that you have this loaded up on your eReader. If you’re politically moderate or apathetic, I’m sorry, but there’s not a thing that I can do for you. Don’t buy this and just take up knitting.

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