Adam Millard
Crowded Quarantine Publications , English
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When his mother dies giving birth to him, Oliver is adopted
by a wonderful family, The Brownlows, who bring him up to be
the best he can. Deciding to go to the cinema to watch the latest
superhero movie, the unthinkable happens.

Oliver is kidnapped, and taken to a mysterious old man, Fagin.
After a series of brutal events, Oliver is forced to learn how to
steal, taught by a gang of hooded thugs. He risks everything to
escape the sadistic clutches of his captors and return safely
to his family, who have their own problems.

Bill “Psycho” Sykes is a man on the edge, a pimp
with not only the police to worry about. With his girlfriend
on the game, and local criminal, Eddie Monks, up to no good,
Sykes has enough on his plate…

…And then came Olly.

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