“Imagine before you a road, the road of life, with countless paths branching off from that road all potentially taking you to different destinations and outcomes. In your teenage years you’re at the beginning of that road and life is awaiting your decision about the path you’re going to take and to willingly create experiences reflecting your choices; moulding the person you choose to be and the life you feel you deserve.” My Journal, My Friend – A Journey of Self Discovery and Inspiration is a guided journal that will help you take control of your life through being responsible for your own choices and to feel empowered by your ability to choose.

Writing down your innermost thoughts and emotions helps you to express your feelings and to figure stuff out. My Journal, My Friend will help you do exactly that. Providing a constant source of comfort, inspiration, support and motivation, working through and reading the journal will help you to:

-find and connect with your true self,
-become the kind of person you want to be,
-shape and define your values
-create and achieve your goals,
-cope with the ups and downs of life,
-overcome obstacles
-meet life’s challenges with a positive attitude,
-create the future you envisage through your
present actions and choices and,
-develop the inner strength, resourcefulness and determination necessary for you to thrive and become a well balanced individual with a true sense of purpose and happiness in your life. “

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