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We cannot truly control or alter or affect Time.

Digital clocks, quartz watches, atomic clocks don’t measure ‘time’ they are just devices that show us, change.

No matter how you fiddle with a clock or a watch - you can make a clock slower or faster, put it ahead or back – it doesn’t affect the sunrise, or the galaxy speed, or death (or taxes)- or change. It’s just a game.

Change is a constant. Whatever you do – change happens. It’s not something we control.

But -we can absolutely control or learn to control one thing, one very important thing, a game changer –

Our actions - Our responses: to events… to change… to outcomes… to effort…

‘Time management’ is really always ‘task management’ or ‘action management’. It’s about creating directing and focusing on tasks that produce the intended result.

The result is what we call – the goal.

This little eBook will train you to get your mind around what can and what can’t be done and direct your energies in the best way possible to get goals accomplished.

Achievement is a peculiarly human journey. And what a journey it is!
Time to start -

Oh - and there is a Trick to it – we’ll explain.


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