In London
I. Getting Acquainted with the English Language
II. A Life on the Ocean Wave, with Modern Variations
III. With Mr. Peasley in Darkest London
IV. How it Feels to Get into London and then be Engulfed
V. As to the Importance of the Passport and the Handy Little Cable Code
VI. What one Man Picked up in London and Sent Back to His Brother

In Paris
VII. How an American Enjoys Life for Eight Minutes at a Time
VIII. A Chapter of French Justice as Dealt Out in the Dreyfus Case
IX. The Story of What Happened to an American Consul

In Naples
X. Mr. Peasley and His Vivid Impressions of Foreign Parts

In Cairo
XI. Cairo as the Annual Stamping Ground for Americans and Why They Make the Trip
XII. Round about Cairo, with and without the Assistance of the Dragoman or Simon Legree of the Orient
XIII. All about our Visit to the Pyramid of Cheops
XIV. Dashing up the Nile in Company with Mr. Peasley and Others
XV. Day by Day on the Drowsy Nile, with Something about the Wonderful Hassim
XVI. The Mohammedan Fly and other Creatures along the Nile
XVII. In and around Luxor, with a Side Light on Rameses the Great
XVIII. The Ordinary Human Failings of the Ancient Moguls
XIX. Royal Tombs and other Places of Amusement

In Cairo
XX. Mr. Peasley and his Final Size-up of Egypt

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