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It took ONE to hate.
It took ONE to love
It took ONE to believe.
The FIRESEEDS of destiny has begun”

From Award Winning Author Katherine Symthe comes Fireseeds. Fireseeds is the first set of mini novellas from the book Black Panther Rising.
In the age of magik and the ancient ones there was a secret told in the fireside by the children of the earth. It was whispered that creators had forgotten how to feel in their journey to life. A war had begun. Three lives on a journey. One stayed behind to remember. One determined to become the source of all power. One would secretly become the key to a program that would alter the course of humanity’s existence. The bones never lie. A prophecy was written, born of the shadows of life. The place of magic, and duality of existence lied within the quest to the true source of power and it was not magic. The journey to an eon old secret now unfolds in the lives of those daring to walk the web of life. Who will speak for you when your destiny comes to claim you?

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