Be Still, My Love (Tess Schafer-Medium)

Deborah J Hughes
Deborah J. Hughes , English
1 rating

“Deborah J. Hughes’ writing is clean, refreshing and addictive. BE STILL, MY LOVE will captivate you from page one with excellent character building, romance, and ghostly suspense. A perfect combination!” ~ The Kindle Book Review

The plot was strong and rife with mystery and spooky, supernatural occurrences, with just enough romance and suspense to keep you reading to the very end.” ~ April Highes

While reading this book, I was hooked. The story draws you in and makes you feel as if you are there. The characters and storyline are well written. This is a book for romance, paranormal and mystery lovers alike.” ~ Riquita Wagoner

A personal loss throws medium Tess Schafer’s beliefs into question and severs her communications with “the other side”. Unable to move on with her life, she takes a healing vacation to a haunted resort on the coast of Maine. Her arrival triggers a spike in paranormal activity and the return of her spiritual connection.

As the spirits of two young lovers reach out to her, Tess soon finds herself in the middle of much more than a tragic love story. Why are they afraid and why are they warning her away? Personal doubts, skeptics, a growing sense of menace and a distracting attraction to another guest will not stop her from uncovering the resort’s secrets.

Deborah Hughes was a normal kid living a normal life until she moved into a haunted house at the age of seven. Suddenly she is sharing space with dead people and experiencing the bizarre world of the unknown and the uncanny. An over-active imagination did not, at first, serve her well for she feared what she did not understand. But then she learned to read and that led to books about supernatural and paranormal phenomena. The more she read, the more she learned and the more she realized how little she knew. This realization has led to a lifelong search for knowledge, truth and enlightenment. From the age of eight she began to write the stories streaming like movies through her mind.

You can meet up with Deborah on Twitter @DeborahJHughes and deborahjhughes dot com

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